Connect your users

Servo’s platform creates AI Agents that serve your users –
on messengers, voice platforms and your app.

the platform

Your users deserve intelligent services.

You need a platform that allows you to design and manage bots that have non-trivial interactions spanning chat, visual UI and voice, that understand context, integrate into your existing back-end systems and are active even when the user is not. Servo’s platform supports your long-term service to your user, not just the next request-response exchange.

Servo has existing applications in multiple sectors.

explore the world

Support your customers on-the-go.

Bot experiences that monitor a passenger / guest, provide info and support common use-cases – from check-in through booking to disruptions.


spread the word

Messengers get your message across.

Servo’s News Bot is a simple example of a configurable bot experience that can be added to existing media websites within hours and creates a direct relationship with your audience.


Give your patients a guardian angel

Chronic conditions require long-term, personalized care. Messenger and voice-driven experiences are used to engage patients, collect data and activate desired behaviors in a dynamic medium that easily adapts and changes according to the needs of the patient and the capabilities of the clinical systems.

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Based in Silicon Valley, we are tapped directly into the vibe of this quickly evolving industry,
helping our clients respond to emerging trends and changing environments.

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